About NPC

When I started my journey as a content creator in 2020, I made videos about any and everything that was interesting. Much of what I talked about was circulated to me by what I thought were fans who wanted my take on things. From celebrity gossip to conspiracy theories, I covered it all. Little did I know that these were disinformation agents steering my channel away from the things that actually mattered.

In November of 2020, when the US Presidential election was stolen, I’d realized that many of those stories didn’t matter and were made up and circulated to distract people from the issues that really mattered. Issues such as ballot harvesters in Georgia and crooked Michigan poll worker training seminars were what they DIDN’T wants us paying attention to. It was then that I’d realized that I’d inadvertently become the modern day mockingbird media.

I have since worked to amend that by focusing on signal not noise while keeping things as fun and entertaining as it’s been on The NPC Show 🥳🎊🎈🎉💃🕺